Friday, July 2, 2010

I am the World's Greatest!!

Everyone should have that song in their lives that gets them out of the dumps and encourages them to move forward. I have several..this one in particular was being sung by pre-schoolers at their graduation and I thought "how appropriate!". They need to receive all the validation they need as early as possible. Before they are tainted by the world and as a friend put it the Eeyores of the world come into her life.

When I think about the words, it is not a bragging statement its the words that you need to move past those deep valleys in your life. It is that motivational song for the struggling entrepreneur (me) , realizing that you will make it (yes I am crying again)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My baby graduated

How time flies? Last week were two monumental events in my baby's life.

She graduated for the first time and she turned five. I don't know which was most exciting for her since turning 5 seemed to be the equivalent of turning 21. She did ask me if now (that she is five) she could do anything she wants LOL....ROFLOL. Of course not I answered to her dismay.

As I watched her on the stage tears came to my eyes ( ok I had streams of tears on my face). I remembered bringing her home from the hospital and know she was on stage singing and recieving her first diploma. I thought that each time she got one 5th grade, Middle School, High School, College ...etc, I will cry, silently reliving all of the previous graduations and all of the first in her life. My older girls laughed at me, but I let them know that I did the same at their graduations. These are the moments that make you smile and cry at the same time. It will go in my memory bank for use on emotionally rainy days.