Sunday, March 7, 2010

I lost my cell phone!!

This week I lost my cell my house. I usually would find my cell phone in one of three places, computer desk, kitchen counter, on deep in the crevices of my couch. Well this time it was not as easy, I literally turned my house upside down. Of course in the process I ended up dusting and cleaning since I went into corners I don't usually go to. After all that no phone.

I questioned my kids who are in the habit of playing games on my phone; they had no idea where my phone was. Well Saturday, as my oldest daughter was hanging off (she really hanging, I don't know why they don't sit like normal people) the futon in the den. She happen to get a glance under my 4 year old's Dora table, there it was my phone. I was relieved and we all laughed at the unusual spot. Well I stopped laughing when my 4 year old enthusiastically announces that she put it there and knew it was there. I was really furious, but I wasn't sure if she deliberately kept it from me or she just forgot. I asked her over and over did she know it was there and she said yes, so she was on the longest time out of her live, since choking was out of the question. She really never gives me these types of problems which is why I think she simply forgot she put it there. Regardless, I really gave her the punishment, because my biggest pet peeve is lying, and I want to let her know that beyond the phone the lying was what I was really angry at. Later that night she came and sat next to me and said "mommy, I am sorry", so I asked for what? She answered that she was sorry for lying and remembered our conversation about it. She also asked if I was still upset. It was really important that she got the point about lying.

Grow in whatever season you find yourself in!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why do women Blog?

A friend shared this with me and I really enjoyed watching. I found myself nodding in agreement at every thought shared. Hope you will nod to.

I love to read blogs and 98% of the blogs that I have read have been written by women. Women are funny, and emotional and deep and oh so many things. I have two blogs and blog for two reasons. One is sharing my knowledge on weddings and the other is sharing me. Those random thoughts that come up, that you would share with your girlfriends. Why do you blog? I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy the video!!

http://marketingtow omenonline. blog/2010/ 02/why-do- women-blog- video.html

Enjoy your season. Wherever you find yourselve

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Librarian

I went to the library with my girls yesterday. I needed to renew a book that I have started reading. I wanted to get another book and decided to try an audio book. I went over to the information desk to speak to the librarian. I see her often on my trips but have never ventured or needed to talk to her. She was sitting at the desk and I was a bit hesitant to approach her. She was the stereotypical "tv" librarian. I just imagined approaching her and being "hushed" because I spoke to loud.

Funny enough she was quite nice, it was as if she was waiting for me to ask her a question to which she had the answer all packaged for me including the aisle, index number and author name. I just wondered is there a librarian who does not fit the stereotype. Is as if to be knowledgeable about literature and the Dewey decimal system, you need to look...well you know like a librarian.

I went in search of images of librarians, to prove my point. I found more of the stereotypical librarian. The other images well...they were to the other extreme with ladies in short skirts, low cut blouses and glasses; somehow they did not convince me of their interest in reading the books they happen to be sitting on. Here is what I found:

I even found a librarian action figure..who knew!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Missing our season

Yesterday was youth Sunday at church and the Youth Ministry Director preached the morning's sermon. Her topic was "Don't miss your season". The seasons of my life is something that is very important to me , hence the name of this blog. Not only the season but what is being done in that season. My hearts desire is to be fruitful, do something "on purpose, with purpose". Sometimes we reach a season of our lives where God needs us to accomplish a particular purpose. So he begins to drop it into our spirits. Maybe God's has been calling you to join the missions ministry at your church. He has placed on your spirit and you shake it off, a sermon is preached one day and you think about it...."no I am not ready yet" is your response. Someone who you do not know comes to you and says you would be a great asset to our missions ministry group, you still are not ready.

Ministry Henry said something very key about our seasons, they come to an end. If at the end of that season you have not stepped in to God's will for your life then God will use someone else to accomplish His purpose and plan. You would have missed this opportunity to be fruitful in your season. She said something that made me think, it was so contrary to what I had always heard. Your is not a sure thing..a guarantee. Hmmm, what? In essense, you are destined to do certain things ,b e a succesful entrepreneur, an influential person in someones life, you are destined to make an impact in this world. However you could surely miss this if you are not in tune with what God has purposed for you and is calling you to during your season.

If a farmer misses the planting in the right season, then their will be no harvest. I think that is deep. I often ask the question, how do I know this is the season for this or that? It is a hard question, but for me I need to stay connected to God so that I know, when He is prodding me or nudging me towards something. God is not an intrusive and forceful God, so He will give you time to figure it out and fulfill your purpose. However if you don't, well the purposes will be accomplish by someone else. What is God calling you to do that you have been putting off? Open a business, start a ministry, start a non-profit, stay home with your kids. Don't miss your season.