Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog Hopping

It is fun to bloghop , there are some outrageously funny women out there. I just can seem to tell stories that come out as funny.

Jenners@ Life with a little one had me rolling on the floor.

One of the writing prompts this week from the writer's workshop,@ Mama's losin it was "Have you ever"

Have you ever sang along with a song from Nickjr ..when your child was not around?, I have and I actually have favorites is that crazy. I like that lady with the guitar, she always has some great songs. And DJ Lance on Yo Gabba Gabba, they get some cool people on the show. The Backyardigans, "Into the thick of it, Into the think of it"

Have you ever looked at a word that you have typed millions of time and wonder if it is spelled correctly? I have

Have you ever cried during a commercial , Hallmark, Coke, Hallmark, Not tearing up or getting misty but sob crying. Ok I don't think I sobbed but definitely bigger than getting misty.

Have you ever wondered where Max and Ruby's parents are? (If you see prompt #1 you will understand)

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  1. the word thing? I do that all the time! All the time!

    Fun times!