Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Does God still speak to us?

Does God still speak to us today? You have probably read the story with Moses and the burning bush or any other prophet that heard from God. I sometimes wish I could have a burning bush. To hear God clearly, to find direction clearly. I have in the last few years adopted a little sying when talking to God. I ask "God please be very clear when you speak to me in regards to ________, I am a little slow sometimes and reading signs does not come easy". Funny enough every time I have done it he is very direct in His answer. No, I did not have a burning bush experience but I did happen to hear a sermon or read a book or verse, or hear from a friend.

I remember when I was trying to make a decision to leave my job; we had recently purchased our first home and leaving would be logically crazy. However, going to work was a burden, I felt a heaviness everytime I entered my office...a sadness. So I prayed and I talked to friends. Now you have to be very careful when you are praying for something and the people you chose to share with or ask advice from. If they are not in tune with God, you will get thrown of course.

Well I spoke to my friend and I told her that I did not know what to do. I said I had not heard clearly from God what He wanted for me. Her response " Well, I have not had devotion yet, but let me see what my devotional is saying today. And that is when God spoke. After she finished reading she hung up, later she told she was so shocked that she felt she could not add anything to what God had just said.

I have kept those words since I left my job and whenever I am feeling overwhelmed I read them and then remind God of what He said.

Don't get stuck in that place of indecision. Make a choice today and trust
God. Stop worrying about what you have no control over and trust God! Yes,
the short-term result of your choice may be painful. But, Sis, fear not.
God will give you grace to endure and courage to hold your ground. You've
put this off long enough. Listen, counterfeit peace is worse than no peace
at all because you live in fear knowing that at nay moment it could change.
Whoever you are today, do what you need today - do what you need today - do
what you need and know to do. Let God work out the details. He is there -
on the other side of that choice-waiting to pick up the broken pieces!
Trust God

This was a time (not the only time) when God spoke to me. Have you ever had a time when God spoke

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