Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Librarian

I went to the library with my girls yesterday. I needed to renew a book that I have started reading. I wanted to get another book and decided to try an audio book. I went over to the information desk to speak to the librarian. I see her often on my trips but have never ventured or needed to talk to her. She was sitting at the desk and I was a bit hesitant to approach her. She was the stereotypical "tv" librarian. I just imagined approaching her and being "hushed" because I spoke to loud.

Funny enough she was quite nice, it was as if she was waiting for me to ask her a question to which she had the answer all packaged for me including the aisle, index number and author name. I just wondered is there a librarian who does not fit the stereotype. Is as if to be knowledgeable about literature and the Dewey decimal system, you need to look...well you know like a librarian.

I went in search of images of librarians, to prove my point. I found more of the stereotypical librarian. The other images well...they were to the other extreme with ladies in short skirts, low cut blouses and glasses; somehow they did not convince me of their interest in reading the books they happen to be sitting on. Here is what I found:

I even found a librarian action figure..who knew!!

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