Sunday, March 7, 2010

I lost my cell phone!!

This week I lost my cell my house. I usually would find my cell phone in one of three places, computer desk, kitchen counter, on deep in the crevices of my couch. Well this time it was not as easy, I literally turned my house upside down. Of course in the process I ended up dusting and cleaning since I went into corners I don't usually go to. After all that no phone.

I questioned my kids who are in the habit of playing games on my phone; they had no idea where my phone was. Well Saturday, as my oldest daughter was hanging off (she really hanging, I don't know why they don't sit like normal people) the futon in the den. She happen to get a glance under my 4 year old's Dora table, there it was my phone. I was relieved and we all laughed at the unusual spot. Well I stopped laughing when my 4 year old enthusiastically announces that she put it there and knew it was there. I was really furious, but I wasn't sure if she deliberately kept it from me or she just forgot. I asked her over and over did she know it was there and she said yes, so she was on the longest time out of her live, since choking was out of the question. She really never gives me these types of problems which is why I think she simply forgot she put it there. Regardless, I really gave her the punishment, because my biggest pet peeve is lying, and I want to let her know that beyond the phone the lying was what I was really angry at. Later that night she came and sat next to me and said "mommy, I am sorry", so I asked for what? She answered that she was sorry for lying and remembered our conversation about it. She also asked if I was still upset. It was really important that she got the point about lying.

Grow in whatever season you find yourself in!!

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  1. The worst time to lose your cell is when the ringer is off - then you can't call yourself to find it. I do that all the time.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.