Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We are so much more

As a mother we all sometimes feel that this represents all of who we are. We are much more. I remember going through or growing through a season; my identity was all wrapped up in being a wife and mother. It was difficult for a long time to find me in motherhood. I went from my moms house to being married and early on in marriage I became a mom. It took a long time to dig through all those roles to find me. I would always say that I went from being Olivia's daughter to Ray's wife and then Brittani and Tiare's mom. I was so lost, I did not look out for me. I thought it was just important to fulfill the other roles and I could wait. If you notice I did not mention being Kayla's mom, that's because thankfully by the time she came along I found Kathy.

It is great to have wise women surrounding you. God positioned women around me, God looked out for me when I didn't look out for myself. A wise woman reminded me that motherhood is just a part of my life not my whole life; that was the beginning of change for me. I always read Proverbs 31 , the wife of Noble character. I would read and think she has got it all together, she manages well,I need to get it together just like her. She is a mom, business women, runs her household ( she had servants, probably rich), philanthropist, seamstress, she is stylish, and her kids think that she is the coolest mom ever. I did not want to "be like Mike" I wanted to be this women. Maybe like a Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama. I

Then God sent another wise woman to me, and this is what she told me. "Remember that this is a caption of her life, her whole life, so you don't have to do it all at once". . I don't know if I ever told that wise woman what a life changing moment that was for me. I didn't have to do it all at once, what a concept. You would think it is obvious, however whether you have read about the Proverbs 31 women or not, don't deny it you have tried to be super mom. When we are not super mom and have it all together, we break down. We are hard on ourselves, I know I was. But what an epiphany when we discover that we don't have to be perfect. wise women.

I stopped to take inventory, who am I, what do I want for my life, what does God want for my life. I wanted to be in purpose. I continually take stock of where I am so that I would not go back to where I was. I remember one special moment in my life, that is when I took myself out. I thought I needed to enjoy my own company before someone could enjoy my company. So I asked my mother-in-Law to babysit (hubby was at work) and I took myself to dinner and a movie. Yep, I enjoyed that date, there was no one to fight me on my movie choice or ask to go to the bathroom in the middle of the movie. I sat a the table of the restaurant (and it was not McDonalds) and I enjoyed my meal. That was the beginning of finding me. I am glad I had that growing season , it was necessary. I haven't finished and I continually discover something new about me.

Remember you are so much more. Find yourself, find your voice, find your purpose. Also, don't forget to share your story it will bring someone through their season.

Kathy G

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