Friday, April 2, 2010


Did you ever feel like you have derailed, you are going along on this train ride called life and boom your car goes off the track. Yes this is how I have been feeling for a couple of weeks. I am slowly getting back on track but boy is it hard. So what derailed me you may ask?

Well our one and only car died, not temporarily in coma, just dead. The engine went on our 12 year old baby, you might thing my baby was young, but it carried us to many places and 108,000 miles later it gave up the the spirit. My hubby who did most of the driving since I only have a permit, was the one to drop my daughter to school and pick her up before work, shop and any number of running that was required. Any place that I didn't walk to! Well we have had to take a cab with her to a fro. I walked once when the weather was cooperating but basically we were coughing up alot of cash. I feel bad when things happen to us as parents, whether due to a bad decision or in this case natural causes and the children suffer. Kayla so loves her social education at school (since she knows everything else that they are teaching). Did I mention that we go to church 30 miles away? We are blessed to have the railroad near by but it is costly to travel on Sunday, not to mention by the time I get there with three children I feel drained. Not a great place to be for worship. So that was speed bump number one.

Speed bump #2: A couple of weeks ago we had a storm, still not sure what to qualify it as. After seeing oaks literally uprooted I say mini tornado. Anyway, one of these fantastic trees landed on my roof, yep on the roof. Let me focus on the positives of this first. Somehow when it was falling the wind must have blown again and instead of landing on my daughter's bedroom it landed on the den. There is a whole, but we are not exposed to the elements.

Ok, so there is a dent along the side of the roof , gutters are gone, siding is gone, fence is gone ( boy do I miss that fence) and that is the damage that we could see. The adjuster has so many claims in this area, he wont get to me until April 8th. Oh yes and my neighbor has no insurance. Well through everything we go through there are lessons, the one I learnt is that if a neighbor's tree falls on your property is yours, yep (did I mentioned I have no trees on my property). We got our half of the tree removed, since the neighbor wanted to run over to home depot to buy a saw a do it himself. Yep that would be all I need more damage to my house and a potentially injured man on my property.

I did not have electricity for 2 days after the storm. We survived, the kids thought it was an adventure, and I got derailed. I couldn't get back to blogging, my work, my housework (did I mention that I get extra crazy when my house is),I just needed a good boost.

Thankfully, my very supportive online group gave me the encouragement I needed to just pick up and get back on track, so I am back on track trying to pick up speed.

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