Saturday, April 10, 2010

Got hubby hooked on coupons

The other day my hubby and I went to the supermarket, even before we got there we prepared for a covert shopping mission. We stood at the kitchen counter he checked through the coupons I just clipped and I looked through the weekly supermarket flyer. We began by pairing sales with coupons, and best of all it was the doubler flyer, woohoo! About once a month they send out a flyer with doubler coupons that will double any $1.00 manufactures coupon.

We went down each aisle, carefully checking our grocery list, flyer and coupons. My hubby was skeptical about the doubler coupons but I knew how they worked and if you used them correctly you get a good bargain.

First up Dole juices, regular price $3.49, sale price 2 for $5.00. After $1.00 manufacturer coupon and one doubler, we got two Dole juices for $3.00. We did this at every stop and weighed in the bigger bargains.

At check out ( we like to do self-check out) I monitored the screen to make sure that all the prices in the flyer were ringing up properly. Well the customer service rep made a lot of trips to our register because of discrepancies. It was almost closing time so they didn't seem to upset. After everything was done I was given a loyal customer 5% discount.

The grand total of savings was $63.00 including supermaket sales, coupons and doublers. Not bad for novices, I know there many who save so much more, but I was proud of our united effort to save. I really enjoyed doing this with my husband, I know that I may make things deeper than they are however, I wish we were united in all things like this....imagine how much we could accomplish.

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