Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This week I have 35 to 40 hours of Leisure time!!!!!!!!

My mother-in-law is in town and she loves Dr. Phil. Sometime last week when she was watching the show I sat down to watch when I heard the topic. Apparently there is a man by the name of Dr. John Robinson has done a study and concluded that busy moms actually have 35 - 40 hours of leisure time per week, read about it here. I was not sure if I should laugh uncontrollably or be outraged...if I laughed would that be considered leisure time?

Someone forgot to inform me of this. You mean at the end of the day when I just want to crash on the couch it is from all the leisure time I had that day? Who knew? According to Dr. Robinson a root canal is considered leisure time since you get to sit in a nice comfy chair while the dentist yanks and drills.

Well, I would like to share how I spent my leisure time this Saturday. I slept in until 10, I got up skipped breakfast and started my housework. I spent 4 1/2 hours braiding and beading my girls hair. I sat for another hour paying bills . I took a walk to my laundry room and started the 1st of the 3 loads of laundry for the day. I guess between washing, drying and folding all loads I spent 2 1/2 hours. I cleaned my bathroom spent 20 minutes being next to the bathtub that's just as leisurely as soaking in a tub right? I cooked dinner about 30 minutes. Oh but the wings were done in the oven so that was definitely leisure time. I sat while I waited for a cab to take us to the mall to go shoe shopping, yeeeah, (with three kids on a holiday weekend). When I returned home after sending the kids to bed, I cooked again for a potluck dinner I was attending the next day. This was indeed a day of leisure for me.

I have to be honest, my children are a little older (4,9,13) so I have a little more freedom than a mom with small ones. However, this is still random segments of time, not totalling 35 - 40 hours. I don't believe that this Dr. Robinson has a grip on reality....a busy moms reality. Wouldn't it be great if this was a movie like Freaky Friday ,that put in him in the shoes of a busy mom. Then and only then would he truly understand.


  1. Wow, I wonder if the 45 minutes sitting in traffic stressing if I am going to be late to pick up my daughter from the babysitter is considered leisure.

    To think that so many people listen to different shows that have crappy guest talking craziness just to fill in the slots for the show.


  2. Yes it is Ketty, according to this Doc sitting in traffic is leisure